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Tianjin Engineering Technical Institute (TJETI)

Tianjin Engineering Technical Institute (TJETI) is located in the Binhai Economic Area in Tianjin. The Institute is a modern, full-time high vocational institute with national authorization andthe Tianjin People Republic Government. Its large land area covers 779 Chinese mu, including218,000m2 of building & facility areas. At present, there are over 8,500 students enrolled in the college.

Under the motto

Feature Petroleum Sector, Open to Community, Focus on Economy and Serve Enterprise, TJETI carries out educational strategy that combines education, scientific research with business operation. TJETI insists on the following 3 strategies for effectively running the Institute:

Education based on trade and modern society

Academic education and vocational training

Pre and post job training

Our teaching strategy is based on ability, using CBE theory as a reference. Our aim is to acknowledge and introduce teaching reform in the Institute. The Institute prepares each student adequately on employment moral standards. Campus culture is based on these standards. Students are monitored after leaving the Institute to ensure these standards are upheld. Our emphasis is placed on education management and strength of character. This guarantees students can meet and exceed current market abilities.

Recently, TJETI has received many awards from local and national authorities. CCTV, Tianjin TV Station, China Education Daily and other media agencies have written exclusive reports and introductions about the college. TJETI has gained popularity and praise widely.

Majors Offered

Seven departments have been established in TJETI:

Petroleum & Chemistry Engineering Department,

Computer Engineering Department,

Machinery & Electronics Engineering Department,

Construction Engineering Department,

Practical English Department

Management Engineering Department,

Art Department

A variety of majors are available in TJETI:

Oil & gas recovery technology,

Petrochemical production technology,

Environment monitor & improvement technology,

Oil & gas reservoir analysis technology,

Oil & gas geological exploration technology,

Construction Project Supervision,

Construction cost estimation,

Computer multi-media technology,

Computer network technology,

Software technology,

Computer Information Management,

Machinery manufacture & automation,

Electrification Application Technology,

Electrification Automation Technology,

Computer control technology,

International trade affairs,

Business English,

Resident & Office Building Management,


Finance & Insurance,


Office Secretary,

Advertisement Art Design,

Decoration Art Design,

Environment Art Design,

Art education,

Musical education,

Construction Project Cost Estimation & Management,

Musical Performance, etc.

The Oil & Gas Recovery Technology major is acknowledged officially as the key major in the Tianjin high education sector. This major has the right to issue the diploma for self- learning of high education in China independently.

Basic facilities

It owns multi-function practical experiment centers, networked computer labs, labs with electrical audio-visual aids, multi-media lecture centers, computer information center, library information center, sports fields, sports activity halls etc. There is also a modern library with over 478,000 copies of reference books and materials. Inside TJETI, there are 20 dormitory buildings for students. These can accommodate almost 10,000 students. There are 6 dining halls for students and convenient student bathrooms. Furthermore, a medical and health protection organization is located on campus. There are many more living facilities and services, which run under the guide of market frame and formal management system.


TJETI has a faculty of 361 members, among whom, 112 possess a high senior technical title and 203 hold a lecturer title. Over 100 books and 400 academic papers written and compiled by our faculty have been published. Many patents and research projects from our college have been registered and awarded at various levels.

There are three specialized academic institutes in our college, they are:

Petroleum Reservoir Institute,

Software Application Institute and

Political Theory Study Institute.

Each are involved in educational and scientific research, covering petroleum & natural gas development, software application in enterprise, accomplishing great economic and social achievements. In order to feature the high technical education, TJETI has invited a number of external senior engineers and experts as part-time professors.

According to demand in practical training, adjustments to content and time scale can be made. This practice ensures TJETI adheres to its education aims. Innovation has been made in textbooks, in practical training contents to fit educational requirements and targets. Additionally, our institute employs foreign expert teachers to train and teach English directly to the students.

Vocational Character

Regarding educational targets as top agenda, TJTEI is focused on making reforms in curriculums, practical training plans & procedures. TJETI takes measures to encourage students to obtain many professional certificates apart from diplomas. The Institute has initiated an appraisal center of CNPC Dagangto synthesize vocational skills and hascomprehensive practical experiment centers, such as Petroleum Engineering, Petroleum & Chemistry Engineering, Construction Engineering Management,etc . Over 45 external skill training sites have been set up to improve students’ professional ability and competitiveness. Over the years, students have achieved a 95% success rate in gaining vocational quality certification, correlated with their major.

Achievements in training

Each year our institute conducts training for company and society. Over 10000 people are trained in the training center. The Institute trains management, specialists and production and operation personnel. On completion of the training, each student gains qualification, adaptability and technical ability. The Institute is qualified to train business and administration knowledge to managers of small to medium sized companies.

Our institute hosts several external examinations, for example:

lNational Computer Rank examination

lNational English Rank examination

lNational Business Marketing qualification test

lTianjin Computer Application ability test

lNational Software Engineer qualification and level test

lElectricity Business Affairs

lElectricity government administration test

Every year over 5000 people participate in the above examinations.

Our Institute plays a role in community education, for example a radiation demonstration is performed. For many consecutive years the Institute has been chosen as the Tianjin advantage unit in adult education, Computer English test and advantage and organization in Computer and English test.



Foreign Country Relations

TJETI has established wide co-operation with colleges and universities from Britain, Canada, Russia, Malaysia, Germany, Denmark and Chinese Taiwan region. TJETI has also established a friendship with Westcoast Language School in Japan, and holds a co-operative relationship with a Kuala Lumpur Infrastructure University College. TJETI has a wide external network.

Campus Culture

TJETI always puts the students’ education as top priority. The Institute prepares each student adequately on employment moral standards. Campus culture is based on these standards. Students are monitored after leaving the Institute to ensure these standards are upheld. Our emphasis is placed on education management and strength of character. This guarantees students can meet and exceed current market abilities.

TJETI also assists students by

lcarrying out various culture and physical activities

lestablishing the Students’ Union, clubs and other organizations

lforming a disciplined, civilized atmosphere for students

TJETI has been awarded by government authorities for its excellent sports and culture activities both at home and abroad, and has been awarded many advanced honors and praise. It is such a cultural and humane environment that can drive students to form sound personalities and good overall development.

Employment of students

Our Institute insists on a theory which uses employment as a guide. We hold many activities, provide assistance and project a positive attitude towards students employment. The Institute has an Employment Guidance Office and an Employment Researching Office. These offices are in charge of recommending graduates to prospective employers. We incorporate the Employment Guidance class into teaching plans. At present our Institute holds a relatively stable employment relationship with over 100 companies and enterprises.

Every year the Institute hosts a large Employer on-campus interview and presentation. Over 500 employers visit the Institute to employ graduates. Graduate employment rate has been over 95% in the past few years. Some employers specify their employment requirements, ie.an education order and the Institute will teach according to these requirements. When these students graduate they will be employed by this employer. We contract with many companies, such as CNPC North Sale Company, Dagang Oil Field, Borhai Oil Field, Tianjin Railway, Motorola, Tianjin Rongcheng United steel and Associates and many other large companies.

Furthermore, TJETI has a fixed relationship with many enterprises in Tianjin Economic Development Area (known as TEDA). Many students from our college are employed in TEDA.

The institute and several other hi-tech companies are operated jointly by China and foreign countries. We have a close relationship with these companies. Graduates who are recommended by this Institute are welcomed by our hi-tech company partners. They will progressively become the backbone supporting technical and management divisions within the company.

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